Dr Adarsh Singh, IAS


Mr.  K. D. Sharma

SDM Ramnagar, Barabanki
From the Principal's Desk

The college will be ready every moment to fulfill the aspirations and needs of the society. My commitments and preferences regarding college are as follows -

  • Student interest will be paramount.
  • New courses will be started in the college according to the current requirements of the society and nation.
  • I will work continuously for the progress of the college along with all the teachers, non-teaching staff and other stakeholders.
  • Sports and other co-curricular activities will be encouraged in the college.
  • Free coaching will be started for students to prepare for one-day competitive examinations.
  • The plan for the development of the college will be prepared keeping in mind the needs of the next twenty years.
  • The NEP 2020 will be implemented in the college in its letter & spirit.

About College

Ramnagar Post Graduate College District is 28 km north of Barabanki headquarters, 5 km south-east of the famous Lodeshwar Mahadev temple, 8 km west of Mahabharat Paribati tree, 8 km south of Ghagh river and 1.5 km distances from the Badwali junction of railway and geographical perimeter. Under National Highway 28-C is located. This college is one of the leading and reputable colleges of Dr. Ram Mannohar Lohia Awadh University.
Education and Exam

In the college, students enrolled in undergraduate and postgraduate subjects are given the facility of study under the Faculty of Arts and Education. This college has been the center of institutional students since 1983, as well as the examination center for individual examinations, so that the interested candidates in the area get the facility of participation in the examination from this center. Examinations conducted at the Ramnagar Post Graduate College Center are concluded under a peaceful, fair and imitation system. Due to this, this college has a special status in Dr. Ram Mannohar Lohia Awadh University, Faizabad.

Sports Council

The sports academy has been established in the college to encourage sports enthusiasts, promising and talented sportspersons of the college to impart sports-training and training of their regular practice. Through the auspices of the Sports Council, during the entire session, during the entire session, the sports events are completed. Annual sports are organized in the session.

Service center employment information and communication center

In order to inform, motivate, advise and generate professional interest for participation in various competitive examinations of students and students, the service employment and information center has been set up in the college. There are various commercial and competitive books, newspapers and magazines available at this center. Obtain detailed description from Mantrana Kendra in-charge Dr. Sunil Kumar Singh.

Facilities Available In College


Rovers-Rangers Program

The unit of 'Rovers-Rangers' is employed in the college. In the Rovers and Rangers unit, the number of students and girls enrolled is registered. The students of Rovers-Rangers unit have been performing commendable at the university level.


National Service Scheme

In the year 1983, the National Service Scheme Unit was established as per the order of the University and the University of Avadh. Currently, two units of students are approved. The unit has been showing high quality at the university level. In this, the students of the college get the opportunity to serve the society under different programs.


Events of Various Programs

Cultural and literary programs are organized from time to time in the college campus. The programs have been organized by the cultural cell last year in drama, folklore, speech, poetry and debate competition. The winning participants of all these programs are rewarded in the annual ceremony.


Ragging Prevention Committee

As per the instructions of the University Grants Commission and the Government, a ragging prevention cell has been set up in the college, for any problem related to ragging, students can contact the above mentioned cell or Principal at any time. Who is constantly active under the leadership of Dr. Naresh Chandra Tripathi, Chief Principal.

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