About College

Ramnagar Post Graduate College District is 28 km north of Barabanki headquarters, 5 km south-east of the famous Lodeshwar Mahadev temple, 8 km west of Mahabharat Paribati tree, 8 km south of Ghagh river and 1.5 km distances from the Badwali junction of railway and geographical perimeter. Under National Highway 28-C is located. This college is one of the leading and reputable colleges of Dr. Ram Mannohar Lohia Awadh University.

Ramnagar Post Graduate College Ramnagar was established in the year 1979 as a result of the commendable endeavor of education lovers and respected people of rural areas. To fulfill the initial expectations and expectations of the establishment of the college, the then District Magistrate and Education lover, Mr. Harishankar Mathur and the regional public, have done the necessary action to achieve their affiliation with their exemplary and liberal cooperation.

All formalities related to college affiliation have been completed due to the continuous guidance and effective action of the college management committee. Eventually, on July 1, 1981, during this tenure of the District Magistrate and Chairman, Management Committee, Mr. Naresh Dayalji, this college got permanent affiliation with Uttar Pradesh Government and Awadh University, Faizabad and July 1984. College Dinak was incorporated on 01 November 1985 in the grant list of UP Government.

In the present time, there is a permanent affiliation of economics, sociology, political science, education, geography, Hindi and physical education subjects at the undergraduate level under the arts faculty in the college. Under the aided system at postgraduate level, permanent affiliation of the subjects of education and sociology in Hindi and self-financed projects is obtained from UP and Dr. Ram Mannohar Lohia Awadh University. Under the Faculty of Education, B-ED course is run at the graduation level, which is aided by permanent accreditation and higher education. For the poor and meritorious students of the neighboring rural areas, the benefits of higher education are being sustained by the establishment period of the college. The colleges are continuously moving forward on the path of development for the development of higher education with their high ideals.